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Hannah Rose Walker

31-year-old Portland Woman

 Found Dead Under

Suspicious Circumstances

On October 12th 2022, Hannah Rose Walker was found dead in a shallow creek near Trout Lake WA. She was naked with abrasions and contusions. The last person to see her alive was Jeremy G., and older man that brought her to the creek to swim. Hannah was a strong swimmer and swam regularly, not the type to accidentally drown in calm shallow waters. The Klickitat County Sheriff's Office has moved the case to "inactive" but there are still many unanswered questions. This website serves as a platform to raise awareness and seek justice for Hannah.

Join us in our efforts to raise awareness and seek justice for Hannah. Together, we can make sure her story is heard.

Ways to Help

We have set up a fundraiser to support Hannah's family during this difficult time. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.

Spread the Word

Share this website and Hannah's story on social media to help raise awareness.

Contact the Klickitat County Sheriff's Office and demand that they investigate Hannah's death as a potential homicide and trafficking case.

The facts of Hannahs case are detailed in the public records. We want to share what we know with the hope that more information is brought to light.  

We don't know what happened to Hannah. We don't know if it was premeditated murder, an accidental killing, or even a simple accident. What we do know is that there are enough facts and questionable details to label it a suspicious death that needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Join the Discussion

Share your thoughts, ideas, and support for seeking justice for Hannah. Let's work together to make sure her story is heard.

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